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Dooars is considered as one of the most popular tourist destinations in East India. The area offers a lot of tourists to spend quality time with nature. With natural beauty, peace and tranquility you can find satisfaction in staying at a resort in Dooars. Our resort is known for its services and for making travel more worthwhile by creating and managing beautiful environments, excellent interiors, proactive staff, quality food and warm hospitality.
The Dooars area is mostly covered by forests as well as the 

beauty of the surrounding mountains and this makes the area so popular among nature lovers and travel enthusiasts. You can find some endangered species of wildlife, elephants, peacocks, birds, reptiles and lots of plants in this area.
The first and foremost thing you should plan for a Dooars trip is to find the best resort. Staying at a resort in Dooars is beneficial in a variety of ways. Our resort is committed to make every moment enjoyable for thirsty tourists like you.



Priviliged location in Dooars

High customer satisfaction

Unparalleded service

Old world charm, modern comfort

45 Seating conference room

Priviliged location in Bruges

Delicious breakfast

Natural Beauty

Free Wifi